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 Oct. 2, 2020

 Ida County   Auction



 Lunzman Resume

 Oct. 16, 2020

 Calhoun County   Auction


 Elm Grove

 Walters Family Resume

 Oct. 20, 2020

 Osceola County   Auction



 Rust Family Resume 

 Oct. 29, 2020

 O’Brien County   Auction



 Palmer Resume

Farms For Sale

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Recent Stalcup Sales Results

Sale Date
Description County Township Price More Information
 9/18/20  Auction Monona Ashton Sale Pending Persinger Resume
 9/17/20  Auction Cherokee Grand Meadow $8,700/acre McQueen Family Resume
 9/10/20  Private Auction Cherokee Diamond $10,300/acre Radke Resume
Private Sale Palo Alto Booth Pending Adolf Resume
2/14/20 Auction Cherokee Grand Meadow $5,250/acre Keck Resume
1/16/20 Private Sale Wright Lake $8,300/acre
12/20/19 Private Sale O’Brien Lincoln $12,000/acre Houtkooper Resume
12/20/19 Private Sale Buena Vista Lincoln $5,700/acre Cerny Resume
11/14/19 Auction Sac Jackson $10,600 – West side
$  9,600 – East side
Buckley IA Resume
11/8/19 Auction Ida Logan $14,000/acre Michaelsen-Messick Resume
3/7/19 Private Sale Buena Vista Grant $6,650/acre Cooke Resume
2/1/19 Auction Cherokee Grand Meadow $7,500/acre Heilman Resume
11/15/18 Auction Cherokee Silver $7,600/acre Johns Resume
11/14/18 Auction Buena Vista Scott Parcel 1: $7,000/acre
Parcel 2: $5,000/acre
Parcel 3: $7,475/acre
Graeber Resume
11/13/18 Auction Emmet Armstrong Grove $6,000/acre Porter Resume
11/8/18 Auction Sac Eureka $9,325/acre Elk & Meier Resume
11/7/18 Auction Buena Vista Fairfield $8,500/acre Anderson Resume
10/25/18 Auction Pocahontas Cummins/Sherman Sale Pending Darlow Siddall Resume
10/25/18 Auction Pocahontas Swan Lake Parcel 1: $7,200  Parcel 2:$7,500 Mary Siddall Resume
10/11/18 Private Sale Carroll Washington $11,500/acre Resume
7/19/18 Private Sale Humboldt Norway $8,200/acre
4/10/18 Private Sale Lyon Rock P1 $8,500/acre
4/10/18 Private Sale Lyon Rock P1 $2,223/acre
3/28/18 Auction Humboldt Avery $9,300/acre White Resume
1/20/18 Private Sale Tama Grant $9,000/acre Boothroyd Resume
12/15/17 Auction Woodbury Sloan $8,000/acre Sloan Resume
12/15/17 Auction Woodbury Sloan $6,325/acre Sloan Resume
12/6/17 Auction Ida Douglas $7,000/acre Rusch Resume
11/29/17 Auction Ida Grant $7,100/acre Kimball Resume
11/8/17 Auction Woodbury Sloan $5,300/acre Hamilton Resume
11/2/17 Auction Cherokee Diamond P2 $6,000/acre C&L Resume
11/2/17 Auction Cherokee Diamond P1 $10,700/acre C&L Resume
9/12/17 Auction Sac Jackson $6,250/acre Luthy Resume
9/12/17 Auction Sac Jackson $8,300/acre Luthy Resume
08/08/17 Auction Woodbury Little Sioux $4,850/acre Jacobs Resume
06/15/17 Auction O’Brien Highland $9,150/acre Stoner Resume
06/14/17 Auction Sioux Reading $13,000/acre Mowbray Resume
01/12/17 Auction Webster Yell & Dayton $5,200/acre Davis Resume