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 September 24  Sac  219.06 m/l  Jackson  Suhumskie Resume
 September 29  Buena Vista  140 m/l  Providence  Hanson Resume
 October 6  Woodbury  320 m/l  Woodbury  Wayside Resume
 October 13  Sioux  120 m/l  Floyd  Hess Family Resume
 October 19  Plymouth  392.73 m/l  Garfield  Smaltz Resume

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Recent Stalcup Sales Results

Sale Date
Description County Township Price More Information
9/22/21 Auction Kossuth Whittemore   Suhumskie Resume
8/25/21 Auction Buena Vista Lincoln $10,050/acre BVU Resume
8/18/21 Auction Sac Jackson $8,500/acre Cress Resume
8/18/21 Auction Calhoun Butler $10,900/acre Cress Resume
8/6/21 Auction Carroll Sheridan $13,200/acre O’Connor Resume
8/4/21 Auction Calhoun Logan P1: $12,750/acre
P2: $9,850/acre
Powers Resume
7/23/21 Auction Ida Silver Creek $12,000/acre Webb Resume
6/30/21 Auction Osceola Gilman $14,400/acre Meyer Family Resume
3/26/21 Auction Buena Vista Scott P1: $12,100/acre
P2: $11,750/acre
Rehnstrom Resume
2/17/21 Auction Buena Vista Washington P1: $12,575/acre
P2: $11,000/acre
P3: $10,325/acre
P4A: $7,550/acre
P4B: $9,500/acre
P4C: $9,575/acre
P5: $9,150/acre
P6: $9,225/acre
McKenna Resume
2/9/21 Auction Buena Vista Elk, Nokomis & Washington P1: $12,400/acre
P2: $11,300/acre
P3: $10,600/acre
Fisher Resume
  Private Listing Buena Vista Lincoln $8,500/acre Grau Resume
1/19/21 Auction Clay Douglas P1: $9,900 x taxable acres
P2: $10,000 x taxable acres
P3: $8,950 x taxable acres
P4: $8,100 x taxable acres
Grapenthin Resume
12/22/20 Private Listing Dakota Co, NE Omadi $8,975/acre Hughes Resume
12/16/20 Private Listing Sac Douglas $8,400/acre Scott Resume
 11/6/20 Auction Cherokee Diamond $9,300/acre Crowley Resume
 10/29/20 Auction O’Brien Dale $13,900/acre sold as whole Palmer Resume
 10/20/20 Auction Osceola Horton P1: $9,400/acre sold as whole
P2: $7,100/acre
Rust Resume
 10/16/20  Auction Calhoun Elm Grove $10,800/acre Walters Resume
 10/2/20  Auction Ida Logan $10,500/acre Lunzman Resume
 9/18/20  Auction Monona Ashton $6,300/acre Persinger Resume
 9/17/20  Auction Cherokee Grand Meadow $8,700/acre McQueen Family Resume
 9/10/20  Private Auction Cherokee Diamond $10,300/acre Radke Resume
Private Sale Palo Alto Booth P1: $5,889/acre
P2: $4,780/ac
Adolf Resume
2/14/20 Auction Cherokee Grand Meadow $5,250/acre Keck Resume
1/16/20 Private Sale Wright Lake $8,300/acre
12/20/19 Private Sale O’Brien Lincoln $12,000/acre Houtkooper Resume
12/20/19 Private Sale Buena Vista Lincoln $5,700/acre Cerny Resume
11/14/19 Auction Sac Jackson $10,600 – West side
$  9,600 – East side
Buckley IA Resume
11/8/19 Auction Ida Logan $14,000/acre Michaelsen-Messick Resume
3/7/19 Private Sale Buena Vista Grant $6,650/acre Cooke Resume
2/1/19 Auction Cherokee Grand Meadow $7,500/acre Heilman Resume
11/15/18 Auction Cherokee Silver $7,600/acre Johns Resume
11/14/18 Auction Buena Vista Scott Parcel 1: $7,000/acre
Parcel 2: $5,000/acre
Parcel 3: $7,475/acre
Graeber Resume
11/13/18 Auction Emmet Armstrong Grove $6,000/acre Porter Resume
11/8/18 Auction Sac Eureka $9,325/acre Elk & Meier Resume
11/7/18 Auction Buena Vista Fairfield $8,500/acre Anderson Resume
10/25/18 Auction Pocahontas Cummins/Sherman $7,800/acre Darlow Siddall Resume
10/25/18 Auction Pocahontas Swan Lake Parcel 1: $7,200  Parcel 2:$7,500 Mary Siddall Resume
10/11/18 Private Sale Carroll Washington $11,500/acre Resume
7/19/18 Private Sale Humboldt Norway $8,200/acre
4/10/18 Private Sale Lyon Rock P1 $8,500/acre
4/10/18 Private Sale Lyon Rock P1 $2,223/acre
3/28/18 Auction Humboldt Avery $9,300/acre White Resume
1/20/18 Private Sale Tama Grant $9,000/acre Boothroyd Resume
12/15/17 Auction Woodbury Sloan $8,000/acre Sloan Resume
12/15/17 Auction Woodbury Sloan $6,325/acre Sloan Resume
12/6/17 Auction Ida Douglas $7,000/acre Rusch Resume
11/29/17 Auction Ida Grant $7,100/acre Kimball Resume
11/8/17 Auction Woodbury Sloan $5,300/acre Hamilton Resume
11/2/17 Auction Cherokee Diamond P2 $6,000/acre C&L Resume
11/2/17 Auction Cherokee Diamond P1 $10,700/acre C&L Resume
9/12/17 Auction Sac Jackson $6,250/acre Luthy Resume
9/12/17 Auction Sac Jackson $8,300/acre Luthy Resume
08/08/17 Auction Woodbury Little Sioux $4,850/acre Jacobs Resume
06/15/17 Auction O’Brien Highland $9,150/acre Stoner Resume
06/14/17 Auction Sioux Reading $13,000/acre Mowbray Resume
01/12/17 Auction Webster Yell & Dayton $5,200/acre Davis Resume