Farm Management

At Stalcup Ag Service, our managers take a proactive hands-on role in crop planning, input purchasing, soil management, machinery operations, crop scouting, and stored grain management.

Stalcup managers are constantly learning about and applying new practices to enhance our clients’ bottom line and improve the value and productivity of their farms.  The knowledge gained in directly managing crop operations also provides benefits to cash rented farms.  We transfer our experience to our farm operators to help them become more efficient and produce more income to justify top cash rents.

Our net fee system provides an incentive for the manager to utilize top management practices at the lowest cost to produce the best bottom line results.

We have developed our own GPS soil mapping/soil sampling system to more accurately assess soil fertility.  This system achieves three goals; applying fertilizer where it will produce the greatest returns, protecting the environment by using rates based on existing soil fertility, and maintaining in-house control of soil fertility records to guarantee independent decision-making and dealer selection flexibility.