Southwest of Storm Lake

Crop Conditions as of 11-9-2018

Past Weeks Rainfall  It is able to say wet!
Soil Moisture  Wet but most fields able to harvest, some are pretty mushy
Temperature  Highs in the 30’s to 40’s, lows in the 10’s to 20’s
Crop Progress  Some progress but slow going



Crop Stage All fields are ready for harvest if the ground is dry enough. Crop Stage Only a few fields are not yet harvested.
Yield Potential Yields are maintaining high levels with many fields running 200 to 250 bushels per acre. Some are higher and some lower, but most in this area will fit into this range. Yield Potential Yields in this region have been very good, in the upper 50’s to 80’s, mostly 60’s.

Corn Market

Soybean Market

Current Prices  $3.31 Current Prices  $7.81
October 2019 Prices  $3.62 Fall Price  $8.48
Past Weeks Trend  Higher Past Weeks Trend Slightly higher


Colder weather might actually be welcomed by some farmers who need frozen ground to get across wet fields. This can be a problem if the frost is not deep enough to support the weight of the load! In the rolling ground of our southwest territory, there are areas that are probably not close to 50% harvested on corn. Other areas are well beyond that.

Prices responded as well as could be hoped in light of USDA’s monthly crop report yesterday (11-8). The national and state corn yields were lowered nearly 3 and 6 bushels per acre. Soybeans dropped a little as well, but projected carry-out zoomed up to 955 million bushels, which is a huge overload. In addition, USDA revised China’s corn pile going back to 2008/09 and put a substantial increase in their supply. China is not much of a corn importer from the US but it all has an effect.

Dennis Reyman, AFM, ARA

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