Southwest of Storm Lake

Crop Conditions as of 8-9-2019

Past Weeks Rainfall Slight showers but some areas are turning dry
Soil Moisture Most of the area is fine but SW Monona County is dry
Temperature Mild for mid-summer, highs in 80’s, lows in upper 50’s to mid-60’s
Crop Progress Both crops have entered the grain-making stages. Both are perhaps a week behind normal in most cases.



Crop Stage Silks are dry. Pollination is complete and most fields are in dough stage. Crop Stage Thigh-high to waist-high in most fields. Pods are forming and filling.
Yield Potential Trend-line or better Yield Potential Trend-line

Corn Market

Soybean Market

Current Prices  $4.13 Current Prices  $8.01
Next October Prices  $3.90 Fall Price  $8.01
Past Weeks Trend After downtrending the 2nd half of July, appear to have bottomed on 8-2 and working slightly higher Past Weeks Trend Following corn


I continue to feel that this part of our trade territory is one of the best places to have corn in the Corn Belt this year.  Corn for the most part is quite good, although still a little behind.  We do look for continued warm weather to keep this crop progressing toward maturity so it has some warm days in September and early October for dry-down.  Crops not maturing until mid-October will be expensive to dry but we have hopes that this area will avoid that outcome, for the most part.  I do find some blanking on pollination and some tip-back.  An inch or less tip-back is fine, it means your plant population was about right.

Beans have gained in growth but many 30″ rows are not yet closed in.  Most are forming and filling pods.  Fungicide and insecticide applications are underway with a regular air force of spray planes and helicopters in the air.

The weekly Drought Monitor below shows a yellow area of “abnormally dry” creeping into the corner of Monona County.  This is accurate, as I was there a few days ago.  The ground has good-sized cracks and crops are showing stress.  A 2″ rain would be just right!


Dennis Reyman, AFM, ARA

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