Southwest of Storm Lake

Crop Conditions as of 10-10-2018

Past Weeks Rainfall  Every day
Soil Moisture  Saturated
Temperature  Highs in the 50’s to 60’s, lows in the 30’s and 40’s
Crop Progress  No harvest anywhere in the past week or more.



Crop Stage Nearly all corn fields need to be harvested once the weather clears and ground dries enough to hold machinery. A number of corn fields have stalk quality issues that require harvest sooner than later. Iowa is 15% harvested as of Monday’s weekly report. Crop Stage State-wide is 18% harvested. Corn harvest will be able to resume before beans.
Yield Potential Nothing new to report. Yields have been good but in many cases, not as good as anticipated. Yield Potential Yield results depend on drainage capabilities, both natural and tile drainage.

Corn Market

Soybean Market

Current Prices  $3.14 Current Prices  $7.49
October 2019 Prices  $3.43 Fall Price  $8.28
Past Weeks Trend  Steady Past Weeks Trend Steady


September was a very wet month, with the major reporting stations across the state at 150% or higher compared to normal rainfall. This has continued unabated so far in October. The forecast calls for improving weather, with Friday being the only significant rain chance in the next 10 days. However, highs in the 50’s won’t provide much drying with partly cloudy skies most days. Harvest will get done one way or another, but other projects such as anhydrous application or land improvement projects may be restricted due to wet soils.

Crop prices have basically traded in a sideways market since the first of October. The range of corn bids is 6 cents to far this month, while beans have traded within a 17-cent range. Both are only a few cents off their prices of October 1. October 2019 bids have been worth watching. Bids at ethanol plants or feed mills reached $3.60 recently. A check of elevator bids going back three years show that cash bids closing at $3.60 or better have occurred 22 of the past 762 days or 2.9% of the time, with a max of $3.90.


Dennis Reyman, AFM, ARA

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