Southwest of Storm Lake

Crop Conditions as of 12-6-2018

Past Weeks Rainfall  We’ve had several snows. Fields are white.
Soil Moisture  Full soil moisture
Temperature  Seasonal
Crop Progress  A few corn fields yet to be done in certain areas



Crop Stage Harvest progressed fairly well despite wetter than normal October and November. Crop Stage Harvest has been completed but a few fields unharvested on river bottoms.
Yield Potential More record yields this year but also with considerable variability. Yield Potential Yields were very good but varied considerably. Generally, expect county yields a little under last year.

Corn Market

Soybean Market

Current Prices  $3.37 Current Prices  $8.10
October 2019 Prices  $3.51 Fall Price  $8.61
Past Weeks Trend  Sideways Past Weeks Trend Higher


Excellent yields in many fields for both corn and beans; however, the variability was greater this year than the past several. Corn saw great benefits from fungicide applications post-pollination this year, as much as 20-40 bushels per acre. This is an investment with a great track record of at least covering costs with potential for a lot of upside. The other stand-out difference maker this year was drainage. This was another 20-40 bushel difference in some fields (or more in some areas of fields). We saw fields with drainage needs come in the 60-190 range, while nearby fields were in the 225 range. Naturally well-drained areas saw yields much higher than that, in many cases. Soybeans were similar. While the excellent soybean soils saw yields from the mid-60’s to 80’s, other fields with drainage problems failed to make 50, in some cases. As the commercial used to say, you can pay me now (for improved drainage) or pay me later (as in yield loss for lack of drainage). Drainage is the best way to bury money to make money.

At this time, the Farm Bill is hopefully nearing passage. The appetite of both R’s and D’s is to get it done in the lame duck session, instead of having to restart the thing in the new Congress. While the bill will not bring dramatic change to anything, it does need to get completed so that cloud can dissipate. For our clientele, maintain crop insurance as is along with CRP are the two main issues. Tweaks will be made to the ARC/PLC program but we’ve not seen the specifics. With the CA wildfires, the forestry title became a late issue of contention in the farm bill negotiations.

Dennis Reyman, AFM, ARA

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