Southwest of Storm Lake

Crop Conditions as of 6-8-18

Past Weeks Rainfall Typical spotty showers and storms, nothing widespread in this area
Soil Moisture  Good, not excessive
Temperature  Highs in 80’s and 90’s, warmer than normal
Crop Progress  Near normal



Crop Stage  Many corn fields are give or take of knee-high, but some are considerably smaller. Nearly all fields have even growth within that field. Crop Stage Earlier planted fields are 6-8″ tall, some later fields are just emerging. All are even height within that field.
Yield Potential  Good potential to exceed trend-line yields Yield Potential Trend line or better. Bean yield is highly determined in July and August.

Corn Market

Soybean Market

Current Prices  $3.40 Current Prices  $8.94
Fall Price  $3.50 Fall Price  $9.10
Past Weeks Trend  Lower Past Weeks Trend Lower


Traveled most of Woodbury, Monona, parts of Crawford, Ida, Sac Counties in the past week. Crops look excellent, although beans are a little smaller than most years right now. Most corn fields are in great shape, but with perhaps 10% being late-planted. Right now, there seems no reason not to expect excellent yield potential in many fields.

Crop markets have taken a slide since Memorial Day. USDA’s weekly crop condition ratings are showing very good crop ratings in the 18 major corn and soybean states. There is little weather concern for the crop at this time. The Drought Monitor shows problems in the southwestern crop areas (Kansas, etc.) so that is being watched closely as summer develops. Trade concerns are also affecting the market. Resolution on that front would give the market some air to work with.



Dennis Reyman, AFM, ARA




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