Southwest of Storm Lake

Crop Conditions as of 9-18-2019

Past Weeks Rainfall Storm last week put down 3-4″, several other rains also
Soil Moisture Normal but dryness covering most of Monona County
Temperature Summer temps this week in 80’s & 90’s with lows around 70.
Crop Progress Both crops are nearing maturity. Grain fill is finishing out and dry-down will begin soon.



Crop Stage Most corn is dented and approaching black layer. Crop Stage Pod fill is finishing up, most fields have turned mostly yellow.
Yield Potential Trend-line or better Yield Potential Trend-line or better

Corn Market

Soybean Market

Current Prices  $3.62 Current Prices  $8.02
Next October Prices  $3.40 Fall Price  $8.02
Past Weeks Trend Skidding along Past Weeks Trend Following corn


Recent return to “summer weather” has helped corn and beans gain speed toward maturity and dry-down. Storms last week put down some hail across parts of this region, but nothing too serious that we’ve heard of. The consensus on yields in this area is that some fields will see some of their best yields, but most will probably be very good but not achieve a new record. We expect the overall bean yield in the west-central crop district will be perhaps the best in Iowa, corn may be as well.

Crop prices continue to move pretty much sideways as everyone prepares for harvest. The trade has a “wait for the combines to roll” mentality before doing with prices. Early yield reports from areas south of here indicated yields lower to much lower than last year, or recent averages. That’s what we expect to continue, for the most part, as harvest unfolds. Don’t forget that everything east of the Mississippi River in the main Corn Belt was only 35-45% planted on corn as of June 2. It would be miraculous for that corn to achieve average yields.

Land sale activity is picking up. Solid results on good land so far. We have not seen much activity on low-quality lately.

Dennis Reyman, AFM, ARA

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