Southwest of Storm Lake

Crop Conditions for 08-09-17

Past Weeks Rainfall 0-2 inches
Soil Moisture Moderate Drought
Temperature Average
Crop Progress Slightly Below Average




Crop Stage Pollination Completed Crop Stage 18-24 inches
Yield Potential Average to below average Yield Potential Average to below average

Corn Market

Soybean Market

Current Prices $3.14/bu Current Prices $9.14/bu.
Fall Prices $3.32/bu. Fall Prices $9.18/bu
Past Weeks Trend  Steady, Range-bound Past Weeks Trend Steady, Range-bound


The latest drought monitor showed drought conditions in NW Iowa have intensified to D1 Moderate Drought.  Small areas around Denison have received excellent rains with 2-5 inches in the past 2 weeks.  Other areas have received less than 1/2 inch since May.  Field average yields will show large spreads within a couple miles of each other.

Pollination was average with most fields showing an inch of tip-back on the ear.  Corn yields will now be determined during the fill period.  The market seems to be so focused on the pollinating period they forget about the fill period in August.  Most fields we have been in have kernel counts and plant population at levels similar to the last 2 years.  Keep in mind these field still have the potential to be 190-200 bushels to the acre or they could be 150 bushels to the acre.  This will all depend on how well the crop fills out in August.  The first 150 bushels is made May-July and everything over 150 is made in August.

Soybeans are still setting pods.  It is still too early to make any yield predictions other than average.  The plants appear to be significantly shorter than the past two years.  While plant height does not always correlate to yield, its not something to ignore.  The good news is we have lower temperatures forecasted for August and this should help slow down the maturing process, giving us a longer period to maximize the value of any rain received.


Dan Niemeier

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