Southeast of Storm Lake

Crop Conditions for 6/18/19

Past Weeks Rainfall  .5-4 inches over the last week.  Very spotty rains.
Soil Moisture Adequate to excessive
Temperature Below Average last week and this week
Crop Progress Post spraying corn



Crop Stage V2-V5 (4-15 inches) depending on planting date.  Post spraying is done on most corn fields. Crop Stage Replanting thin stand areas.  Early post spraying.
Yield Potential  Trend line Yield Potential Trend Line or below

Corn Market

Soybean Market

Current Prices  $4.20 Current Prices  $8.39
Fall Price  $4.20 Fall Price  $8.53
Past Weeks Trend Higher Past Weeks Trend Higher


Most of the corn fields Southeast of Storm Lake look pretty good now that they are starting to get some height to them.  Post spraying is getting finished up on the earlier planted corn.  Later planted corn could really use some warmer weather and sunshine to get things growing faster.

Pretty much all of the soybeans were finished planting during the first week of June and are now emerged.  They are going to be really short this year as we approach the summer solstice later this week.  We are going to need really good weather for the rest of the season to produce a trend line yield.

Planting progress continues to be the driving factor in the markets with record slow corn progress and near-record slow pace in soybeans.  Planting this late usually does not produce a full yield under average conditions.  So far this year has been anything but average.  Last Tuesday (June 11) the USDA released their monthly Supply and Demand reports for corn, soybeans, and wheat.  Almost everyone was surprised as they lowered the national corn yield by 10 bushels per acre down to 166.  This is an unprecedented move for the June report.  The market responded accordingly by making another move higher.  Soybean acres and yield were not adjusted because it is still too early to make any reasonable assumptions about acres and yield.

The tariff threat against Mexico was avoided for now.  President Trump has given the Mexican government 45 days to show that they are making progress on migrant control at the United State’s southern border.  This is significant because Mexico is our largest corn export customer.

Corn field in southern Calhoun County


Grant Aschinger


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