Southeast of Storm Lake

Crop Conditions for 6/21/17

Past Weeks Rainfall .25-1 inch
Soil Moisture Normal to below normal
Temperature Average
Crop Progress Rapid Growth



Crop Stage V6-V8;  18-36 inches tall Crop Stage V2-V4  4-8 inches tall
Yield Potential Average Yield Potential Average

Corn Market

Soybean Market

Current Prices $3.23 Current Prices $8.64
Next Fall Prices $3.39 Oct 2017 Next Fall Prices $8.59 Oct 2017
Past Weeks Trend Lower Past Weeks Trend Lower



Some areas southeast of Storm Lake have received nice rain totals during the last week and other parts have been less fortunate.  Summer thunderstorms are prone to hit small areas with heavier amounts while completely missing other areas.  The temperatures have cooled back toward normal during the last week and the forecast is calling for below normal temps over the next 4-5 days followed by average warmth further out.

Corn is getting into a stage of rapid growth.  Under “normal” weather, corn plants can move through vegetative stages (adding height and leaves) at a pace of 1.5-2 days per growth stage.  This means that they are adding another leaf to capture sunlight roughly every 2 days.

There are a few corn fields that are having problems with “rootless corn syndrome”.  This happens when the soil dries out very fast right as the corn plant is beginning to put down it’s first set of brace roots.  The brace roots grow toward moisture and the combination of heat and wind we experienced came at just the wrong time for some fields.  Rain is the best remedy for rootless corn and some areas have been fortunate enough to be rescued by some moisture.

Soybeans are starting to get a little size to them but are still behind the pace we would like to see.  Some fields have been sprayed with post emergent herbicides and others are waiting a little longer trying to catch as many emerged weeds as possible.  We are hoping the soybeans will grow quickly and begin to shade the area between the rows before the next flush of weeds begins to emerge after the final herbicide application.

The markets have retreated from the recent rally as weather has turned less threatening and more moisture is expected in the next week.  USDA will release their estimate of planted acres at 11:00 AM Central time on June 30th.  This report has the potential to be a market mover for both corn and soybeans if there are any “surprises” compared to what traders are expecting.

Here are images of what rootless corn looks like in the field after some strong wind with no rain.  Notice the lack of roots getting into the soil in the image on the right.

Grant Aschinger







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