Northwest of Storm Lake


Past Weeks Rainfall  .2 to 1.2 inches
Soil Moisture Subsoil is wet, topsoil is starting to dry in places
Temperature Normal to cool
Crop Progress Some planting progress, but limited because of wet soil conditions



Crop Stage 5% planted Crop Stage No planting yet
Yield Potential 100% Yield Potential 100%

Corn Market

Soybean Market

Current Prices  3.30 Current Prices 8.10
Fall Prices  3.32 Fall Prices  8.40
Past Weeks Trend 2 cents lower for the week Past Weeks Trend 15 cents lower for the week


Most of this area is too wet for field work depending on local rainfall and farm drainage. There has been some fieldwork and corn planting progress that started last week and continues this week between rains mainly south of Hwy 3. Soil temps are averaging just above 50 degrees, which is typically used as the minimum temperature to plant corn. Ideally we want soil temps to trend warmer after planting, but the extended outlook is fairly cool and wet.

Last year at this time we had no planning activity because of a mid-April snow storm, so we are slightly ahead of last year at this time but falling somewhat behind on the long term average. We have significant rainfall in the forecast later this week, so it looks like most corn planting will be pushed into early may at the earliest. Corn planted by mid-May in this area should still have full yield potential, so we are not yet worried about yield loss. Ideally soybeans should also be planted by mid-May, but they have shown very little yield loss from late planting in the past, as long as they are planted by early June.

Chad Husman


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