Northwest of Storm Lake


Past Weeks Rainfall  .5 to 5 inches
Soil Moisture Highly variable depending on area
Temperature Normal
Crop Progress Growing Degree Units are ahead of normal, crops are growing quickly





Crop Stage 2 to 3 feet Crop Stage 6″ to 14″
Yield Potential  Average Yield Potential  Average

Corn Market

Soybean Market

Current Prices  3.19 Current Prices  8.40
Fall Prices  3.29 Fall Prices  8.51
Past Weeks Trend 3 cents lower for the week Past Weeks Trend 46 cents lower for the week


Rainfall continues to be highly variable this season in NW Iowa. The Northern counties continue to get more rain. Parts of Osceola, O’Brien, and Clay counties received 5 inches of rain last week and patchy hail. These areas had local flooding. Other areas seem to consistently miss rains or get smaller amounts and could use more rain. Warm to seasonable temps continue, which make the crops grow quickly as long as moisture is available. We don’t have serious concerns about a lack of moisture yet, but that could quickly change if the warm trend continues through the summer.

The earlier planted corn is ahead of schedule in size and growth stage, and the later planted corn is growing quickly to catch up. Most corn looks very good. The trouble spots are areas that got too wet either before or after planting. We may start to see some corn tassel around the 4th of July which is early for us.
A lot of soybeans are getting sprayed this week for weeds. The beans vary in size depending on planting date (which was a wide range this year). It looks like most of the late planted beans emerged ok, but the areas that keep getting heavy rains have issues. Most beans have an acceptable stand by now with good yield potential.

The gran markets are under downward pressure from the new Chinese tariffs on U.S. exports, crop condition ratings and weather outlooks are generally good across the county, and speculative traders that were holding very large long positions have sold those contracts in a big way when the down trend developed.

Chad Husman


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