Stalcup Ag Service – Providing Direction. Delivering Results.


“The team at Stalcup is extremely professional, thorough and knowledgeable about everything that has to do with agriculture and profiting from the global growth and demands of the business of agriculture.  They have a proven expertise in finding investment opportunities and managing assets for long-term profits.  We work with Nathan Deters, a consummate professional, knowledgeable, realistic manager who has provided strong results and excellent perspective.  We will continue to recommend Stalcup’s services to anyone interested in quality agriculture investing and management.”

–Brent and Susan Krantz

“After interviewing several banks and farm management companies, I felt very comfortable with Stalcup.  They make a point to get in the field and talk to the operators regularly and report back to me.  Living a long ways away, I have to depend on someone who knows and understands my farm.  It makes a real difference to have a company with a trust level of your next door neighbor checking everything out.  Dennis and the other Stalcup Ag Service managers are extremely knowledgeable and personable, but it’s their hands on approach and availability that sets them apart from the competition.”

–Janette Cassidy

“Our Stalcup farm manager, Nathan Deters, has a good knowledge of farm management issues. He keeps on top of rental rates and the details of our renter’s farming practices.  Nathan is very smart and fun to talk with about all aspects of Iowa farming.  He understands the details of our farm operation, information about farm inputs, crop production, and land values. We feel he is honest and fair and has established a good relationship with our renters as well as with us. Nathan has been good to spend time with us, giving us fascinating tours of other farms and an ethanol plant when we come to Iowa. The Stalcup office staff is always courteous and helpful to us. Stalcup is the best farm management company we have experienced. ”

–Anne and Gill Williamson