About Us

Stalcup Ag Services, Storm Lake, Iowa  – Providing Direction. Delivering Results.

Stalcup Ag Services, located in Storm Lake, Iowa is an employee-owned partnership that has prospered by serving farm management, real estate, and appraisal needs of Northwest Iowa farm owners since 1942.

  • Influenced by the practices of our visionary founder H.E. (Buck) Stalcup, our team provides client-centered agricultural property services.
  • Personal attention to assure meeting the landowner’s goals
  • Employees are partners, assuring the best service and long standing relationships
  • High educational standards exhibited by professional accreditation credentials
  • Adoption of progressive farming practices
  • Participation in leadership opportunities that increase business skills and knowledge by networking with other professionals

Stalcup Value

The value of using Stalcup Ag Service comes from their practical working knowledge of farm management.  Stalcup has built its business since 1942 by providing top-notch service for their landowner clients.

Client Relationship

Stalcup managers work directly with their clients.  There are no mid-level intervening managers.  When getting acquainted with the company, you will talk with the prospective manager, not a sales executive. The manager has to deliver.  The sales executive can promise anything.

A backup manager is assigned to each farm so there are always at least two managers familiar with your farm.  Each manager also has an assistant who handles all transactions and correspondence for your farm.  This results in a knowledgeable office staff who knows you and your farm.